Currently living and working in Atlanta, GA.

I grew up in the next small town in central Georgia to get busted up by Sherman after he captured Milledgeville. If you know where he left any of his legendary neckties, please let me know.

Gramps helped build the interstates after fighting in the Pacific theater in World War 2. Papa Ray was a farmer and introduced integration in our home county, fielding anonymous death threats from locals and phone calls of assistance from Gov. Maddox. Dad worked for DFACS and Mom worked for the Technical University system.

I’ve been a radio DJ, an RA, a Middle/High school art teacher, a sailor on a gambling boat, a sign maker, an antique restorer, a bellhop (hated it), a parking officer, a picture framer, a pizza man, and a pop slinger. All the while I have made art; Dad always says “Support your art until it can support you!”

I grew up on Warner Brothers cartoons, early Nintendo, Liquid Television, and anime. Then I grew up to love Brian Eno, Moebius, James Burke, and Modernist painting. There are others. I was forced into freelancing by the COVID 19 pandemic. It was an unanticipated benefit of the times, but here I am!

Georgia Southern University and Pizzatown Community Learning Center

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